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I just swung by [ profile] therealljidol and looked at the topics and thought, hey, there's one here that makes me think of a story and I have thirty free minutes! Let's create a home game entry! This is a home game entry!


Funk to Funky

The ash started falling over the city near dusk. At first, they thought it was snow and felt relieved. It had been a dry winter and there was concern that the reservoir wouldn't fill.

As they exited their office building and houses, they smelled the dry air and felt the warmth of the tiny flakes. Ash, no question, ash. The city fire departments started calling each other trying to determine where the fire might be. When that yielded no clues, they started calling fire departments in other towns. Then they checked the news. Ash was falling all over the world and nobody could quite figure out where it was coming from or why.

The people of he city (and the people everywhere, for that matter) were disconcerted about this. The talking heads of FOX and CNN assured everyone that it would stop (and one station explained how it was Obama's fault) soon because, obviously, if it was falling across the whole world, surely we'd locate its source and deal with it swiftly. They went to bed reassured.

It was still snowing ash the next morning.

There was at least a foot of ash covering everything and the storm had picked up since the previous night. Where tiny flakes had been falling gently before, half inch long flakes that looked like they'd sloughed off somebody's body were falling now. Doors that opened outward had to be forced open so that people could get out of their houses to sweep their porches - or just so they could get out. All the roads were blocked. The snowplows were useless - the wind just blew the light ash back into the road. Traffic was paralyzed. Planes were grounded.

On the morning news, there were two dominant theories regarding the Ash Crisis 2016. One school of thought believed that Earth was passing through a lengths belt of small asteroids that were burning up on entry and scattering themselves around the world. There was some observational evidence to support this, though scientists were at a loss to explain why all our satellites hadn't been knocked from the sky. The other school of thought was that God was punishing us and we were all going to die in fire.

By midday, the small flakes had turned to pebbles. By 5 in the afternoon, the pebbles had turned into golf-ball sized rocks. And the piles of ash and stone were getting higher and higher.

Panic set in by dusk. The piles of ash and rock were nearly four feet tall all around the world by this time. Many flat-roofed building had collapsed under the weight. Windows were being shattered across the globe. The death toll was mounting, but it was impossible to get a sense of just how many people had died. In many places, electricity and phone service went out. People were trapped in their homes - or offices, or wheresoever they'd been when the ash had blocked their doors shut.

By midnight, all but the tallest buildings were buried. By the next morning, it was silent everywhere across the world. Humanity - indeed every living creature, both animal and plant - were buried under hundreds of feet of ash and rock, sealed away for ever.


"How does that feel," said Mars.

"I think that took care of them. Jeez, I thought I'd be infested forever. Thank you so much!" said Earth.

"No problem. Let me know in 10,000 years or so if those parasites come back," said Mars.
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