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This is apparently a mini-season of [ profile] therealljidol. This means there must be a full sized season 9 out there! In the meantime, look at the adorable mini-season! So cute!

I never finished this.


Memo Random

To:        Duplication Services

From:    Office of The President, Klymaxx Industries

Date:     October 24, 2043

Re:        Discontinuation of Cloning Project

The purpose of this memorandum is to respond to the ethical concerns you raised regarding the cloning program.

  • In regards to your concerns about organ harvesting from living beings, Duplication Services itself reported that newly created adult human clones have the mental capacity of a foetus.  Since they lack even the most rudimentary awareness of their own existence and would require "as many years to acquire intellectual and social skills as a regular human-born human," the clones in our office's view should not be categorized as people but as "potential people" or "potential parts for other people."  We encourage you to think of them as raw material and not as the product itself.  We believe this will make you feel better about slaughtering them and processing their organs for donation.

  • Duplication Services details how certain religious members of our community object to the cloning project for fear that embryos will be harmed.  We suggest that it be made clear to these community members that we are only dismantling adult humans and not embryos.  Since they tend to stop caring about the embryos once they're out in the world, this should make them back off.

  • Many of these same religious community members have concerns about us "playing God."

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